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As an author, a board certified holistic health practitioner, a life energy health coach and a certified medical qigong practitioner and instructor, it is my calling to help burnout entrepreneurs fed up feeling tired and ready to claim their lost youthful vitality to live their destined life and prosper in every way possible. Synergistic healing modalities as well as supporting mindset, lifestyle and food choices are explored and applied, to assist healing the people i am meant to serve, to their organic best so they can use this renewed vibrant health as their launch pad to live their wildest dream. To read more about me, click here

I have dedicated my life to this purpose of healing in its totality, body, mind, heart and soul. This commitment is witnessed by my own embodied living and carried out on a daily basis through writing, coaching or speaking. You can find tons of inspirational and nourishing content by being part of the community and most important of all, feeling and contributing to the vibe that further lifts you on your journey to pure joy and light.

First of all, please like my Facebook page here. This way you will be able to see all the postings i do almost daily. Please also join the Facebook group i created Live Healthy Live Young. Many tips on integrative health are being shared there. And many resources are being posted there as well from members. They are all free to you to consume and digest.

It is my honor to invite you to claim your gift "how to find the energy of your 20s 30s or better to live your destined life" 5/10 day health coaching program as soon as you subscribe to your FREE emails loaded with inspirational and practical content for your healthy consumption and easy assimilation. It is very possible that you experience total life makeover without ever spending a dime with me. It is my life's mission to help as many who happens to cross path with me.

If you are ready to read more, my book YOUNG MIND YOUNG BODY - Transformational Approach to Rejuvenating Youth and Vitality has detailed a common sense approach that has been embodied in me and many truly healthy and successful. You can read more here

Primordial qigong is a Chinese healing art that incorporates the five elements, five phases, bagua, fengshui - the lucky location or positioning in life, inner alchemy, ten stems and micro cosmic orbit opening. It is a great tool to help you live an integrated balanced life where you leave no part of you behind. As a qigong form, it is "walking meditation" therefore calms the mind, strengthens the body and enlarges the heart while in the process forstering a deeper connection with the truth of life. When you practice this form, it will transform your life, ever so gently. Before you know it, this way of living will show up in every aspect of your life, since the way we do one thing usually is the way we do other things. Interested to learn more? follow the link here.  

If you are ready to sample how a health consultation session with me can help you build a way of life that is tailor made just for you that naturally puts you in the flow of claiming your best body and health, you can read more here.

When you are ready to commit to building up your vibrant youthful vitality by investing in yourself through my signiture 6-month health coaching program, fill out a heath history form here for an initial FREE health strategy session so we can both determine if there is a fit here.  



No one diet or lifestyle works for everyone.

I will inspire, motivate, and guide you to finding the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. I will help you make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to build up your energy reserve and feel young and vibrant again. I will be at your side when you shed pounds of emotional, physical, and mental burdens to cheer you on so you can find the energy you need to live the life you dream of living.

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