sue Ziang

Happy Mother’s Day – in memory of my mom

On this special day, my mom's image is on my mind, telling me all is good, regardless how bumpy the road might seem. As long as I stay true with myself and constantly check in, there is no way I can be wrong. That is the road map negotiating on a path less traveled. Mom, I feel you all the time, and I love you, even though I never said this word to you when you were physically present due to the fact that I was brought up never saying things like that, but embodying that word in actions. Read More

sue Ziang

My Mother’s Dandelion Chunks

Dandelion has been used in Chinese medicine for millenniums. The entire plant is full of nutritional and healing properties. Maybe it is time we harvest dandelions instead of making attempts to kill them using chemicals, in the process poison the very life energy qi we breath in. Read More