Be the Awesome You YOU ARE

Be the Awesome You YOU ARE

Being the authentic you is the most irresistible quality you have to claim any life you yearn of living. When you are you, you are the most powerful. This is where you know who you truly are, and radiate a strong force that draws in people who are supposed to be impacted by you. When you are you, you feel truly FREE and fulfilled, and success is being written in every moment of your life regardless what you are doing.

If you feel trapped, or living up to the expectations of another and your own un-supporting beliefs or going through life unaware, you are not YOU living the life you are supposed to be living. And deep down you know it. The restlessness or depression you feel is the witness of it.

The truth is, you are the drop of the vast ocean. You breathe in the same life force that power the sun, propelling flowers to bloom, birds to sing, to the uni-verse, the one song, through each of their distinctive voice, contributing to the collective whole. The universe is living through you, as you, with you, through your unique voice. Yes, you are that. Without your true voice, the uniqueness of you is lost, and nothing can make that up. Once you get this, you will truly feel divinity pulsating through you, and you will never doubt your power ever again, even in days when you feel down. You will find a way to be in that vibration again.

Where do I start, you ask.

From where you are, regardless of where you are.

·         Start to tune in to your feelings. How do you feel about your life? Are you satisfied? Are you happy? What is stopping you from being happy and satisfied? Your feelings are the compass into knowing yourself. You are feeling what you are feeling for a reason. Honor yourself by feeling your feelings, and start understanding them for the messages. If you don’t do this, no one can, and no one will.

·         Find one thing you can do or say right now to the mirror image of you you desire the most to hear or see done. For example, if you need to feel loved unconditionally, how about say to your image in the mirror “I love you”. If you want the validation that you are beautiful, stare at yourself in the eye and say “you are beautiful”. If you want to have a candle light dinner to feel romantic, light some candles and treat yourself a beautiful dinner that way; you can even entertain a conversation with your ideal partner; life is a play, play the role. What you are essentially doing is to honor yourself as the being you are, from deep within. And you are telling the cells, tissues, bones in your body that you love your body and yourself unconditionally so your body can be on board with you, to truly get the message that you accept, acknowledge and honor the being you are, the way you are. 

You are perfect the way you are, regardless how imperfect a life you think are living, and how imperfect you feel about yourself. It is through the imperfection you are experiencing your perfection by design. It is like north is in reference to south, east to west, day to night, summer to winter, fall to spring, feminine to masculine, success to failure, joy to sadness, bad to good. In actuality, there is no distinction; they are all one and the same. That is what true LOVE is all about, encompassing all, composed and purified through the alchemical process of extracting gold and diamond out of base metal. Let it be okay if it is painful. Let it be okay if you feel challenged. Let it be okay if you feel exposed. Let it be okay if you feel bruised. It is all for your higher evolution. Allow the tears to flow, to open yourself up further, to cleanse and purify.

·         Reflect on what will make you truly happy, from deep down. In this process, your whole life comes under observation. Often times to an outsider, the person going through a complete makeover might seem to go through chaos, where everything seems upside down, but it is only life rearranging itself to the way it is supposed to be, to match up with the shift in consciousness. It is as if a hurricane is going on, and you are like that eye, feeling centered and peaceful.

·         Be surrounded by likeminded individuals and remove yourself from the naysayers. Everything in this universe exists in the form of energy. Like energy will help facilitate your growth while opposite energy will drain you, deplete you and depress you, maybe even completely derail you if you are not strong enough in the very beginning.

·         Remember to build up your vibrant mind body so you have the launching pad prepared for a powerful take- off.


My book YOUNG MIND YOUNG BODY has detailed a powerful time-tested common sense approach that will naturally put you where you need to be to live your best life. Once you have the awareness, you can then break things down to small bite size pieces so you can chew on it every single day. Before you know it, you are on your path to be YOU, the AWESOME POWERFUL YOU destined to be. The beauty is, you don’t need to know more than the first step, trusting that every step will be given to you when you move along the path.

Make sure to do your share, then ask the UNIVERSE to meet you HALFWAY! And it will.

Welcome on board!!!

May you live healthy, may you live young!

Peace and love,



Sue Ziang, H.C.

Board certified holistic health practitioner

Life energy health coach


Certified primordial qigong instructor


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