3 Ways to Dissolve Stress

3 ways to dissolve stress

I often wonder what stress is. It is said that it is the leading cause of heart problems, cancer, premature aging, and the long list of modern day epidemic.

Is it solid? Where does it come from? Is it from the reality of the material world we are facing, or is it something unique to each every one of us, depending on our state of consciousness?

Yahoo distortionary describes stress as pressure or tension exerted on a material object; or a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances; or particular emphasis or importance. One of Merriam Webster’s definition is “ a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation”.

According to AIS – the American Institute of Stress, the word was coined by Hans Selye in 1936, and he has been struggling to come up with a word that clearly defines the meaning without going off to all the different directions, since the word stress certainly has taken on a negative notion, and most people dislike stress. “ ‘The rate of wear and tear on the body’ is actually a pretty good description of biological aging so it is not surprising that increased stress can accelerate many aspects of the aging process. In his later years, when asked to define stress, he told reporters, ‘everyone knows what stress is, but nobody really knows.’ “  You can read the whole article here. https://www.stress.org/what-is-stress/

We all feel stress when we are stressed. The fighter-flighter response when facing a challenging situation tells quite a tale: the heart rate goes off chart, body temperature increases, breathing gets difficult, mind freezes or races fast, body perspires, and we are ready to fight or flee for life. The thing is, what are we really fighting or running away from in this day and age, without a tiger at our tail threating our life?

There are situations certain amount of pressure buildup can actually get us going, such as getting onto the project we have been putting off for long. Once it is being implemented, you feel the release from that hold, wondering why you haven’t got it done earlier.

For most of us, the stress comes from mind perceived worries of insecurity deriving from a fear that is deeply rooted and built into our physic and body. WE worry for things real or imagined, about not having enough, not being enough, not good enough. For many, it has become a way of life. WE hold on to our worries, our fears, to validate our existence. Our body certainly shows the wear and tear, in the worry-written lines, in the premature aging face, drooping body, and the lack of life energy enabling a person to be resilient and vibrant.

If stress is triggered by the working of our mind, then we can for sure have our mind work for us instead of depleting and draining us. Here are a few quick pointers:

1.       Do a practice that will train your mind to tune into your bodily movements and sensations. Long term practice will rewire your brain to focus in the small here and now. Who is the one who has the famous saying that “today is the worry of yesterday, and tomorrow is the worry of today”.  The one I practice daily and teach is a qigong form called Primordial Qigong. The mind directed body movement strengthens the body while it calms the mind, stabilizes the emotions and connects with the being we are at core. There are classes help in local park district here. The class is also offered through skype one-on-one. Learn more here if interested.

2.       Activate your silent wise observer. Some research has pointed to the direction that a person going through the same stress while noticing he is going through it actually fares better than a person who is going through the same thing without having any awareness of it. It is almost like you are watching a soap opera, and can be quite entertaining if you allow. We don’t need to be attached to the identity of that false self.

3.       Sink into the life you are having right now, especially when you can’t seem to escape the surface reality you find yourself in, give it money or the lack of it, relationship difficulties, health issues, teenager kids difficulties, feeling burned out,…. Slow down and get onto the passenger side, and ask for guidance and lessons. Surrendering can be the most beautiful moment of your life, when you are most vulnerable. It is the time you might realize you are put here to experience certain experiences you have signed up to experience, and the whole universe conspires to deliver you the life you are here to live. The true question is: what do you really want.

When you are living through your life, it is necessary to build up your vibrant young mind young body so you have the resilience and energy necessary to live that life you want to live. YOUNG MIND YOUNG BODY has revealed a time tested transformational approach to assist you reclaiming your lost youthful vitality. Click here to claim your copy.

May you live healthy, may you live young!

Peace and love,



Sue Ziang, H.C.

Board certified holistic health practitioner

Life energy health coach

Certified primordial qigong instructor




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