Live FREE to Your Strength

Living FREE to Your Strength

July 4th is the symbol and day that declares the independence and FREEDOM of America. Does it mean we all live life free? If we feel trapped, if we feel we have to, if we day dream about a better future, and hold on to a rosier past, then we are not free.

What does it mean to live free?

To me, it means to live to our individual unique strength, as the person we are, without wishing to be in someone else’s shoes living their life.

Chinese medicine and its many healing tools emphasize treating to the strength of a patient. It often reminds me of the way we live our life. How often have we been trying too hard to work on the areas we are not so good at, while ignoring our natural gift and talent, in the process getting discouraged and depleted? If you observe nature, everything has a place and shines its beauty while left to grow naturally. We can all live a life in such a manner, as it is intended per our blue print. When we allow by letting go, our life takes on the quality of ease and grace. In the process, patience becomes a necessary virtue. Here are a few quick pointers to get going.

First of all, if you feel you are trying and struggling to feel good, you know for sure you are off path, from the life you are meant to be living. This is the best time to step back and reflect, on your life. The questions to ask could be: am I happy? Why am I trying so hard? What do I want in life? What do I want to be remembered by?

Secondly, accept your life as is. Make peace with it. Look at it from the lens that everything exists has a reason for its existence. By accepting, you release the hold by expecting things to be a certain way and the insistence of painting a rosy picture on yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s could-bes, which set you free from useless wishing and hoping. This released mental effort will give you the energy you need to have lazar focus on the present moment.

Thirdly, come up with some baby step actions you can take right away, to move you towards the life you yearn of living yet not living. The beauty is, once you start taking actions, you are actually living in the life you dream of living. How awesome is that!!! Profound peace might find you at this time. With peace comes more clarity and health.

So many of us have lost our steam and health in the path seeking success, my book YOUNG MIND YOUNG BOBY has laid out a time-tested approach to rejuvenate one’s lost youth and vitality so you have the energy to be at that life you want. Learn more here.

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May you live healthy, may you live young!

Peace and love,


Sue Ziang, H.C.
Board certified holistic health practitioner
Life energy health coach
Certified Primordial qigong instructor


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