Live in your body

 Are you living in your head or in your body?

Quite often people share with me their awakening to the fact that they are living in their head until their body sends them the message through some form of lump or disease. Cancer is a prime example of that. For most, once the disease develops from years of overlook or negligence, then we find ways to fight it, treating it as enemy. The truth is, we are fighting our own body then. We know, as in life in any situations, what we fight fights back. Today I am proposing something entirely different for you to reflect and sleep on: how about we love our bodily issues to submission?

Like a disobedient child, our body is seeking our attention so we can love it more. When a child misbehave, they know intuitively that their behaviors are not acceptable, yet they are doing it to get our attention, or to test how much we love them, or simply because they know we are the only ones who love them enough and will love them regardless what they do or how they behave.

Our body is here to house our soul so our soul can experience the bodily experience we sign up here to experience. Any awareness we have needs to be embodied through our body, down to the deepest cells, tissues, muscles, bones for real major shift to happen. By now, you have probably heard the saying “issues are in the tissues”. That is why many of us are driven unconsciously by our patterns of behaving and reacting, to life’s triggers, such as running away from a relationship we truly yearn to have, or pushing money energy away through our conditional beliefs, or say things we really don’t mean when being triggered. Until we go down to our body to observe, feel, acknowledge, nourish and love, our body will counter act what we think we want to do.

We can’t fool our body into believing that we love our body. We need to demonstrate that through daily living, in everything we do, including every bite of food we put in our mouth, every thought coming through, every emotion showing up, our response, or reactions, every rest we honor our body, every movement we take to circulate our life energy qi.

Intellectual knowing is a very important first step; but it can only take us as far. Real transformation happens when our body is on board with that knowing. This is what inner alchemy is all about. My book YOUNG MIND YOUNG BODY has revealed a comprehensive approach in how to apply self-love self-care in daily living so our body can get the message.

If you are ready to really transform your health and life and need someone who has been there and done that to assist you, fill out a health history form here and I will contact you for a time to chat. For a very limited only, I am offering a 50-minute health strategy session where we can focus purely on you, about your dreams, your wishes, your inspirations, your troubles, and some immediate action steps to get you going. You will walk away feeling energized, invigorated and anew, getting fired up to take your health and your destiny in your hands where it belongs. There is nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

May you live healthy, may you live young!

Peace and love,



Sue Ziang, H.C.

Board certified holistic health practitioner

Life energy health coach

Certified primordial qigong instructor



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