Be in the now to capture your life’s moments

Be in the now to capture your life’s moments

To honor my daughter’s desire to have a vocation, some place far away from home, before her first year of high school starting August 14, I accepted the long standing invitation of my peer coach and dear friend to visit her in Del Mar, walking distance to beach. Before we went on to the short 3-day trip, I had prepared my daughter and I to stay in the moment and embrace whatever life brings. On the airplane trip back home past Saturday, my daughter commented that “it was not what she expected it to be, in a good way”. Coming from a 14 year old, it was the highest compliment I have ever heard.

Right now sitting here writing, the images of her jumping the waves and flowing with the waves allowing the waves to carry her register in my mind’s eye. I smiled at the image of myself in the water directing my daughter to bigger and bigger waves. It was so hilarious that my daughter yelled “bad idea” as soon as she jumped a huge wave, yet seeing another big one arising on the horizon. My heart simply melts witnessing my daughter completely in the moment, without her phone, and really being happy.

All three mornings, I practiced my morning usual’s of primordial qigong by the ocean, absorbing the mighty power of ocean making huge waves and tides, feeling the strong sensation of that strong energy merging with the life energy rising from within. In that moment, I was flooded with love and gratitude, deeply feeling blessed.

Three day trip back and forth with a 4 hour airplane rides each way plus to and from the airports on both ends, on the surface seems very short; yet, it felt like several life times. Even my daughter was happy to be back home, satisfied with the experience. 

Indeed, when we completely give ourselves to the moment, life takes on a very different quality, and a moment becomes forever. Most of us have a challenging time to stay in the moment, in our body and mind, because of all the things to do, and deadlines to rush, and the stress we impose on our body and mind, real or perceived. It really takes a strong supporting habit to train our mind to be in the moment. The good news is, due to the plasticity nature of our neurons, we can practically carve out a new neuron pathway to help us stay in the moment instead of regretting yesterday’s mistakes and tomorrow’s uncertainties.

Of course, supporting daily habits in building up total resilience supports the focused attention as well. Feeling good in our body mind helps solidify the joy of the moments, which helps neutralizing the negative imprints stored in our sub-consciousness, a necessary process in our evolving journey. By the end of the day, we have to make peace with the life we correctly have, otherwise we are going to keep face the same sets of challenges, until the lessons are learnt; being able to focus on the present moment is a direct path to achieve it.

If you need some support getting started, you can either get a copy of “YOUNG MIND YOUNG BODY – Transformational Approach to Rejuvenating Youth and Vitality”, or you can simply book a health history session with me, complimentary for taking the initiative in taking your health and life into your own hands where it belongs. It would help if you feel out a health history first so we can focus on your during our one hour together. Once I receive your submitted form, I will contact you for time slots.

May you live healthy, may you live young!

Peace and blessings,


Sue Ziang, H.C.
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Life Energy Health Coach
Certified Primordial Qigong Instructor


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