HAPPY Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

HAPPY Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

I have been walking with my daughter at night, seeing the moon approaching its perfect roundedness, thinking that it must be time for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. Sure enough, it has been confirmed by all the WECHAT messages, with festivities, good wishes, pictures of rounded moon, and various delicious looking moon cakes. This celebration normally falls in the middle of August by Chinese lunar year calendar. It is a time families and friends gather together, celebrating the union and harmony of life, the perfection among the imperfections.

It is so sad that this year, Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival occurs right after the tragic event of Las Vegas insane shooting, causing over 50 losing their lives and over 500 injured, in the unlikely event of going out enjoying their favorite country music. It really hits home since I  have been visiting Las Vegas 4 times a year in the past 10 years or so for trade shows and consider Las Vegas a second home. 9.11 2001 I witnessed TWIN towers in smokes when I was in a tax ride to Javits Center to attend the last day of a trade show, ending up wondering in warzone- like New York Streets for almost a week, until I shared a ride back to Chicago overnight with a fellow trade show exhibitor.  I have been asking why all the violence, all I hear is the rustling sound of tree leaves dancing with the gentle autumn wind. I dawns on me again, that mass killing comes from a state of consciousness where fear and separation dominate. This is the first year that I did not tear on 9.11, but I was in flood of tears yesterday, watching how people come together, to offer comfort, pray for the ones who have lost their lives, console the families, hug one another, and the trauma centers of the hospitals working seamlessly to save lives, caring for the families of the injured or dead, and people standing on the street forming miles long of lines, waiting to donate their blood, to save lives.

Yes, we are stronger when we come together. We are all a part of the harmonious whole. Let’s all celebrate the imperfect perfections. If you find it hard to celebrate the perfections of life, simply drop all the regrets of yesterday, worries of tomorrow, and all the stress of your current financial or health challenges, simply close your eyes, drop in to your body, feel the sensation of life energy running through your veins, enabling you to overserve how you are feeling in your own skin.

As you might have known already, I have taken on the task of incorporating Shiatsu in my healing practice. I am in clinic 1 now, more than half way through the 750 credit hour Asian body work certification and massage therapy licensing program with Zen Shiatsu Chicago located in Evanston. In case you are asking, Shiatsu is a Japanese style body work with deep roots in Chinese medicine. It benefits a receiver in multiple ways. It nourishes the internal organs and emotions same way as acupuncture does, since it follows the meridian lines of the body. It also helps with muscle and posture alignment as massage therapy. As yoga, it helps with flexibility and range of motion.

In the spirit of healing and in celebrations of this imperfect perfections, I am offering 20 FREE Shiatsu sessions on Thursdays, effective all the way through October 2018, in the local area around 10 mile radius, from Steger and Evanstan. I can’t promise any miracles, but receivers I have touched so far have experienced noticeable pain reductions, increased range of motion, stiffness gone, profound sense of calm, reduced stress level; one person even have a long standing tumor changing shapes from square into fish tail, which was discovered by her doctor from a scan. If you are interested, simply reply to this email. Make sure to tell me about your current conditions, and what you would like to see improved. The session will be done through house visits, either on floor or on table.

May you live healthy, may you live young!

Peace and blessings,



Sue Ziang, H.C.

Board certified holistic health practitioner

Life energy health coach

Certified qigong instructor



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