Breathe Deeply to Invorgorate Your Lungs

Breathe Deeply to Invigorate Your Lungs

Our anatomical lungs are like this upside down tree, with trunks, branches, wigs and the leaves, taking in fresh oxygen through inhalation to enrich the blood and releases carbon dioxide filtered out of blood out into the air through exhalation, naturally exchanging with the surrounding living plants. It is known that our physical body can’t sustain more than 3 minutes without this intake.

Chinese classical medicine also has a similar take on the lungs and the air it takes in, then plus some more.

Lung is considered as the metal element of the five elements, with large intestine as its outer pair, for the exchange with external environment, in it that lungs take in and large intestine eliminates. Of course, the elimination portals also include exhalation and pores of the skins.

When the lungs functions at its best and healthiest, we naturally experience deep and full breathing. We are able to invigorate the energy or qi of the chest, stimulate clearing of phlegm, inflammation of other issues in the anatomic lungs. This capacity also helps nourish the skin, and our body is able to sweat appropriately, which is the best way for detoxification. This also gives us strong immunity and the ability to handle environmental irritants.  Aerobically, we are able to exert self and feel the healthy rush of energy.

Regular deep conscious breathing also innervate our deeply seated relaxation response, which enables us to interact with life’s ever evolving triggers instead of reacting. You may have heard of, over 90% of diseases are related to stress.

When we take deep full breathing, it also helps us gradually establish and acknowledge a sense of self-worth, the ultimate way to heal the common syndromes of “damaged”, “not good enough”, and “can’t measure up”, because it helps connect us with our own inner sense of what is truly valuable and never lost. Best of all, we feel the inspiration within, able to inspire ourselves and in the process inspiring countless others.

Interesting enough, when we learn to breathe well, our sleep quality improves as well. So is our body’s ability to digest and assimilate foods.

Generally speaking, a person with a healthy lung capacity is able to find value in what is truly happening rather than what our mind wishes was happening. He or she is also able to empower clearly articulated rules and systems that roots in self-esteem for maintaining clear boundaries so as not to be sucked into other’s draining stories and energies.

Imbalanced lung energy and functions can manifest as fatigue in upper body, frequent colds and flu, tendency to feel overwhelmed by new things, depleting attitude, melancholy personality or actively grieving the passing of time and youth, lacks an internal sense of self-worth, can’t find value in their experience or life situations, feel they have lost something essential that can never be regained. This imbalanced energy can also show up as nasal and chest congestion, asthma, coughing pain in chest, defensiveness and selfishness, constantly pursuing that which they value, yet feel unfulfilled.

Physical pains in the anterior arms along the thumb side(palm facing up),  chest, any of the muscles of respiration, front of neck along the windpipe, sacrum, posterior legs off the center to the lateral sides, and arches of feet may also indicate the imbalances of the lung energy.

As you can see, the simple act of breathing really can make a difference in our life and our health. What can you incorporate in your life to strength your lung capacity?

Our body is a coherent whole, what we do to benefit the lungs also benefit the rest of the body, along with our heart, mind and spirit. My book YOUNG MIND YOUNG BODY has detailed a comprehensive time tested approach to assist you regain your lost youth and vitality by waking up your healer within so you too can really enjoy life the way it is meant to be savored, without struggling and suffering.

May you live healthy, may you live young!

Peace and blessings,



Sue Ziang, H.C.

Board certified holistic health practitioner

Life energy health coach

Certified primordial qigong instructor



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