When you feel low, stay low and rest

When you feel low, stay low and rest

April 9 Monday afternoon I was being rear ended when I was at a full stop waiting at a stop light on Route 59 in Aurora IL heading south. The impact was so forceful that it pushed my car forward with speed; my automatic response was immediately hit brake all the way down, hoping to stop the car, before it hit the car ahead; however that did nothing to stop my car from hitting the car in front of my car that was at full stop waiting at red light. Next thing I knew, there was excruciating pain in my forehead, and warm liquid was streaming down the corner of my left eye and nose. Before I knew it, my hands and clothing were covered with blood. My goodness! “I hope I can still see” was a thought racing through my mind. I was immensely grateful that the Honda Accord driver rear ended my car came to help, asking if he should call 911 and brought many packs of tissue papers. A lady came to the rescue, helping me wiping out the blood continuously coming down. The police who first came to the scene said that it was a very deep cut on my forehead close to the corner of my left eye, and the cut was from the deployed air bag that had my blood all over.

The police helped me take off the purse I wear over my shoulder, concerned that there might be injuries there from the air bag and tightened seat belt. The doctor used glue to seal the cut, due to the fact that I lived far away from the hospital, and the glue method does not require un-stitching and that there won’t be stitch marks. The accident reporting police came by, with my driver’s license, insurance card and report card; my purse stayed in the car, towed to an auto wreckage lot, with my phone and credit cards in it. After I was released from the hospital, it was around 5pm. I made arrangement with my insurance company to get me a rental car, had them pick me up, and then I would drive to the auto lot, to collect my purse and drive home afterwards. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. The enterpriser driver missed me and when I called back again using the hospital phone, their local office was closed for the day.

Now what? I was very glad I was alive to be facing this life’s inconveniences. A very nice lady went out of her way to help me out, driving me to the auto lot, waited in the car until the towing driver drove out to meet with me in his off- hours, and then waited with me in his car until a local friend called back and said she would come and drive me home.

When I finally got back home, it was close to 11pm. My whole body felt unsettling, as if a part of me was not with me. A 30 minutes qigong standing meditation outside in nature helped grounding me for a good night of sleep. The past few days i felt low, drained, and out of focus, which I have not experienced for many years. Besides the absolute necessities, I allowed myself to stay low and rest as much as possible, assisting my body to process and assimilate the shock. Many deeply buried traumas through misinterpretations of life’s happenings have been surfacing and been released, with tears shed.

I am very thankful for the breath of air and life that is currently happening, with each every single breath and the letting go with each every out-breath following right behind. I am equally thankful for the calm I felt throughout the whole ordeal. I could be blaming the driver who rear ended me; instead I felt grateful for him for not running away from the scene; I felt compassion for him as well, for the challenges he is facing in life. There were, still are, times I felt unconvinced, the overall theme was factual, accepting it as is, without coloring it with interpretations. I way I understand life energy now, from years of study and working with clients, I know this act alone will preserve much innate life energy endowed to me at conception.

In the fire truck on the way to emergency room, the idea of my physical mortality occurred to me, I felt a completeness for my own life; on the other hand, this immense sadness came to me, for my 15-year-old daughter: who is going to be there to care, see and guide her into the best she can ever be, supporting her in her self-becoming? Then a strong sense of trust came over, and I literally laughed at myself quietly: first of all, you are healthy and vibrant; this is just a cut; don’t even think that you can get out so easily, your job is not done here! Secondly, your daughter will be cared for, whether you are physically alive or not.

Saturday yesterday was the first day I felt somewhat together, after 5 days of staying low, with good sleep, supporting routine, and the space to assimilate. I even felt energized after the 830am Shiatsu case study client session and a qigong class afterwards. It is as if the UNIVERSE is saying to me: all you need is to stay in your body and be present with yourself so I CAN LIVE THROUGH you; you relax, I will move, act and talk through you, fulfilling your intentions of healing, both for yourself and your clients.

Love, peace and blessings,



Sue Ziang, H.C.

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Life energy health coach

Certified primordial qigong practitioner





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