Are you having enough natural sleep?


My daughter’s very  favorite , the popular Korean entertainment group BTS – Behind The Scenes is coming to Chicago October for a some live performance, and my 15 year old texted me this morning that their tickets opens for sale today. She said that she would not be allowed to be in alone since she won’t be quite 16 yet, and that even if some of her friends might be there, their seats might not be close by; she continued that she would like me to go with her, and acknowledged that she does know that I would rather stay home than driving and watching a show cutting into my sleeping time. I texted her back, saying that if she could keep up a strong habit of going to bed @9pm and getting up @630am, that would motivate me enough to drive, park and watch the show with her. She said she would do that!!!

My daughter has been suffering from the downsides of the generally yang symptom of not being able to rest well at night prevalent in our society, a factor contributing to our early aging along with a host of symptoms. I often tell her about the acnes breaking up on her forehead being the internal heat partially resulting from insufficient sleep at night; “I can’t sleep for you baby. You have to sleep for yourself for your body to benefit” is one of the text I sent today, to reinforce the point.

Chinese wellness philosophy prices deep sleep as the best remedy, above medicine and food: “food remedy is better than medicine; sleep remedy is better than food”. When we sleep, our body reset, recharge, rejuvenate, refresh and reboot, as a computer. When we follow nature’s cycle, our circadian clock naturally balances, enabling our body to function at its natural best.

Classic Chinese medicine says that we are given our share of life essence jin at the moment of conception when one of the prize winner sperms swims its way up to the egg. This essence is fixed; how we expend it determines our life span and quality of our life, sort of like a pre-determined amount of money in the bank account; as much as we can’t change the original principle amount, we can add interest to it if we use the money wisely. Life style is what makes the big difference here, between a life lived in abundant health or one loaded with stress, fatigue and depression. From my own and clients’ experience, the majority of our us could really benefit by living a way of that is nourishing, supporting the beings we are, in mind body heart and soul.

If you are suffering from lack of sleep, with the sympotms of being restless at night yet lifeless during the day, then it is essential you revert this to help your body heal itself by itself. Being aware is the first step in supplementing the essence being expended through careless living. Then the second step is simply going to bed early and getting up early. Staying engaged during the day would really help. Some meditative practice will help as well.

Of course, enjoying deep rejuvenating sleep is one aspect of having a healthy body and mind. If you are seriously in taking back your health and life, my book YOUNG MIND YOUNG BODY has detailed a time-tested everyday approach. By the end of the day, NOBODY can live for you except you, only because when they do, their body benefits, not yours.

May you live healthy, may you live young!

Peace and blessings,


Sue Ziang, H.C.

Board certified holistic health practitioner

Life energy health coach

Primordial qigong practitioner and instructor




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i was reading on the essay writing service about how the lack of sleep effects our body and brain. and now that i read your post i think i should really be concerned about my lack of sleep.