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Are you fed up with feeling tired?
Are you ready to have more ENERGY?

Could this health consultation transform your life?

If you’re anything like I was in the past, you’re burned-out, worn-out, and feeling tired all the time. You almost think that is just how life is – chronically tired and hopeless. But deep down you sense that you are here for something much more. If only I had the energy to live that life I feel I should be living! How you wish you could have a conversation with someone who would point you in the right direction! 

 My one-hour one-on-one health consultation is designed with you in mind, because I know from firsthand experience how devastating it is to be in that hopeless, sinking hole where life is nothing but boring, tiring, endless struggles and daily battles. I made it my life purpose to help heart-centered entrepreneurs like you get to a happy place of living life in vibrant health.
                                                Let’s get started!!!

A one-hour health consultation with me isn’t right for everyone, and it might not be right for you at this point unless you are ready to commit to change. 

 If so, you’re in the right place! And our conversation will definitely be a life-changer if you currently experience any or all of the following symptoms and you’re really really really READY to find your best, natural, organic energy.

- Feeling tired all the time: getting up in the morning feeling tired, wishing you could sink back into sleep again; having to drink coffee to wake up; being too tired to sleep well at night; having a hard time falling into a deep, peaceful night of sleep; drinking sugary drinks in the afternoon to give you a boost so you can get through the day

-Constantly craving sugary, fatty foods – your body’s way of looking for more energy to keep you going

-Having unwanted weight, especially at your waistline

-Suffering poor sugar metabolism or adult onset diabetes

-Feeling overwhelmed, angry, resentful, regretful, or shameful

-Being unable to focus and think clearly

 -Having worry lines all over your face

 -Feeling constantly stressed and not knowing how to ease up

 -Feeling and looking old, thinking that life might be over for you

 -Feeling lost, without purpose

                                                          If this is you, let’s go!

You’ll learn about and walk away with the following from our one-hour health consultation:

The major energy drainers in your daily living

-Organic, natural, energy-building actions you can integrate into your daily routine based on your set of circumstances, including your bio-individuality; your work schedule; your preferences; and your deepest dreams, aspirations, and inspirations. These are clear action steps that you can act on right away.

-An awareness that the life you dream of leading can be found in the choices you make in the here-and-now, with your full participation in all aspects of your life from the food you eat to your daily habits, the career you follow, the way you interact with life’s daily occurrences, the manner in which you assimilate and digest your life experiences, the people you surround yourself with, and the connection you foster with yourself

A lighter feeling and a sense that you’re on your way to good health through being heard by a trained and passionate health professional who is there just for you

-A feeling of hope and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

Lots of ahas!

Empowerment to take the actions necessary to prevent “dis-ease” from manifesting into disease, giving yourself the gift of adding life to your years and years to your life. This will drastically decrease the chances of worrying about test results when you visit your doctor.
The cards are in your hands. I will be your sounding board, assisting you in making the most out of this one hour. We can design as many action steps as you perceive feasible. If the synergy runs strong between us, I can become your accountability partner and your coach, cheering you on, and further assist you in finding the energy you need to live the life you want to live. 

                               Can we please start right away?

I have come to this place of healing as a natural by-product of reversing my "whole nine yards" of the American epidemic, from challenges with my weight to borderline diabetes, brain fog, unclear thinking, extreme fatigue, poor digestion, daily drama and trauma, severe depression, feeling lost with no meaning and purpose in life, and dying a little each day while walking around lifeless. 

 It is such a beautiful feeling to live in my own body; feel energetic, happy, and peaceful; and do the things my heart yearns to do. I feel so blessed to be able to lead such a wonderful life, being the best version of me and helping many others doing the same. 

Find out how it feels when being tired is no longer your reality! The choice is yours. Say YES to yourself and have a life-changing one-on-one health consultation with me right now. YOU are so worth it! And you will be so thankful you listened to your inner voice!

I have witnessed countless others in my community, including my own coaching clients, enjoy this wonderful feeling. I bring to our conversation my health coach training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN); years of being an entrepreneur wearing many hats; my common-sense, simple, natural lifestyle derived from my upbringing in China; my wholesome approach to health; my background in Chinese medicine and my continuing immersion with Dr. and Professor Huang, who used to teach PhD students at Shanghai Medical School; many other healing modalities including yoga, meditation, and medical qigong; certification as a primordial qigong teacher; certification and licensing program training with Zen Shiatsu Chicago in Asian Body Work meridian message (acupressure) and massage therapy; and much more. All of these qualify me to assist you in gaining your best natural vitality so you can live your dream life with vigor, passion, and resolve.

                                                    Shall we get going?

I will let my coaching client, Elizabeth Parker, tell you what is possible when walking your healing journey with me:

My top three goals upon starting working with Sue were: (1) to find my passion in life and pursue it, (2) to improve my mental health and well-being, including my depression, anxiety, physical health, fitness and lifestyle and (3) to improve my relationships with my family, friends and colleagues. 

 Sue was able to help me work toward these goals by helping me break down all of my issues and barriers, which were all mental, so that I could see what my passion was. When I first started my sessions with Sue we focused on my career path and things that I could change to improve upon it, but it did not feel quite right, it felt like a deeper problem, and so when we spoke again I said that I wanted to go right back to the basics and look at the reasons for my unhappiness. Sue was fantastic, and all the while molded herself to meet my needs, showing enthusiasm at this decision to dive deep into the root causes. 

 Having difficulty in my relationships and opening up to others, this in itself was a real challenge for me, because I did not want to let Sue down by changing my mind. It proved to be the best thing I could have done, because it allowed Sue into my life in a meaningful way. Sue was then able to help me navigate along the path I already knew I wanted to go down, but was too stuck in denial, habits and fear of the unknown to do so. She has been my rock, guiding me and giving me a little nudge whenever I have hesitated along this new path. She is able to pick out the important things that I say during our sessions and feed them back to me with a new perspective, helping me realize that I knew the answer all along! 

 The biggest tangible change I have noticed has been my awareness, this has improved ten-fold since I met Sue. I have always believed that people come into our lives for a reason, and I think our meeting has allowed me to form one of the most significant relationships of my life. We stood next to each other in a queue for a hotel room after a delayed flight, and whilst everyone else was frustrated and irate, we stood there and smiled at each other – and the rest is history! I had been on a path of change for 4 years when meeting Sue, but reached a point where I no longer knew what to do, having spent a year abroad and gotten no closer to finding my passion. I had learnt about meditation, been on courses and practiced yoga but I hadn’t ever had anyone help me realize the true importance of it. Sue helped me to slow down, to stop fighting and trying and to just allow my feelings to appear, feel them, observe them and then begin to question them or allow them to dissipate. This has been absolutely invaluable, as it has been the basis of finding my passion and rewiring unhealthy thinking habits and patterns. I am more aware of my feelings and thinking patterns than ever before, and am now able to question the unhealthy ones and replace them with helpful and nurturing ones. I am much more aware of the food I eat and make a conscious effort to eat better and honor my body more than I ever have. I also make sure I exercise at a minimum of once a week, but now at least twice a week, and I look forward to yoga, Pilates or that run that I used to dread because I truly acknowledge the importance of taking care of my body. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier all round. Something that Sue has drummed into my head and it has really stuck!

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my happiness, this has also improved ten-fold since working with Sue. Having the awareness that Sue has helped me to obtain has also opened up space in my mind, heart and life to new possibilities and ways of connecting with others and myself. Sue has helped me to realize that a lot of the time I don’t need to try and fix anything, I can just let it be, and I will naturally move on. Once all the pain, grief and despair have passed, I have clarity, and I can finally hear my true self underneath all that conditioning. Instead of trying to heal my pain with alcohol or sex, Sue has helped me to stop and feel it, and not to be afraid of it but to even honor and enjoy it. I never thought pain could be positive, but it truly is if you allow yourself to feel it and let it pass. In this new mental space that we have created, I realize that I love writing, drawing, reading and exercising – all things that I knew I liked but took for granted. I had started a blog which I had never intended to share with Sue, but the moment I did she told me that I had found my true calling – to share my experience and help people. The thought hadn’t really crossed my mind until we talked it through and I realized that she was right, and I had indeed known it all along, but in order to find this I had to delve deep, do the hard work first and create the space for this to blossom. Six months on I still have my down days, but Sue has helped me feel what connectedness to oneself, others and the universe is like. There is no going back now; my days are filled with at least one moment of happiness or contentment, which makes all the hard work worth every moment. No one ever said life was easy, but it’s worth it. 

 I would describe Sue Ziang as a beautiful soul, kind, warm, generous and affirming; there is nothing I can say to Sue that she won’t understand, been through before or be willing to work through with me. She also calls me out on things that I need to hear, and so I know that it was never about letting her down but letting myself down if I didn’t follow through on something. I always feel like I’ve had a mental massage after my sessions with Sue, she reminds me of the things I have done that are positive, and comforts me when I feel down about the things that are negative. She spreads positivity and light wherever she goes, which I spotted the minute I met her at the airport in Las Vegas. I picked up on her positive vibrations, and could feel her openness to connect with others; something that is so rare in this world so I grabbed it with both hands.

 I would recommend Sue Ziang to Everyone! Of course I know that people need to find the right coach for them, and that is such a personal thing. However I would recommend Sue to everyone. I must stress that when undergoing coaching, you have to want to do the work because your coach can only do so much – the rest is up to you. I was 110% ready for the next stage, and so Sue has helped me keep the momentum going and held my hand the whole way; so much so that I am taking on another 6 month program because I have enjoyed it so much! I want to see what more I can achieve, but I know that in order to do so I need that support from someone who has already been there, and Sue has most definitely already been there.

I never intended to share my blog with my friends and family, or to be more open about it, but recently I have decided to ‘come out’ with Sue’s support, and the reaction I have had has been better than I ever expected. Of course some people take things the wrong way, and we have conversations about it, but my mum is now reading my blog and even starting her own blog as a result. My relationship with my mum was one that I wanted to improve on and repair, and working with Sue has helped me see things that I just wasn’t able to see; such as me being honest with myself and with my mum has helped her to move forward and improve on herself too. I never thought that was possible, I never thought anything I said or did would have a positive effect on anyone, and I just have to thank Sue for allowing me to see this and to take a chance on it. I am grateful beyond words, and as I have already said – there is no going back now. The sky is the limit!


You may be wondering how expensive this one hour is going to be. Is it going to be $1,000? $500? $200? Nope! As a matter of fact it is not even as much as the rate my regular coaching clients invest in themselves through my signature 6-month coaching program. It is a no-brainer to get a taste of what is possible in working with me. Grab it right away so you can be on your way to building up your optimal, natural, organic energy. 

Special Offer: $50 for a one-hour one-on-one health consultation

 (this one-time rate applies only to the initial health consultation)

Book here to secure your place. Once your guest information and your payment have been received, I will contact you about filling out a health history form and to schedule a date that works for both of us. Please be sure to fill out your health history form so I will be ready to listen and help. 

Please note that the act of paying for the health consultation releases Sue Ziang from any unforeseen legal claims associated with the health consultation, which takes place by Skype or phone.

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