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Qigong Your Way to Resilient Health

Do you experience aches, pains, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, stiffness, or poor sleep? 

Do you want to feel balanced – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?

 Do you crave to experience profound peace and calm?

 Do you yearn to live life with total freedom?

 Do you want to look and feel years younger than your actual age?

 Do you dream of having a natural, trim-looking body?

 If your answer is YES to any of these questions, qigong can deliver the perfect result for you!

This ancient Chinese healing art has been practiced for millennia in the Far East by a special sector of the population, and has been passed down through family and teacher-student relationships. Now it has gained popularity in the Western world through its research-backed multidimensional benefits. Harvard is at the leading edge of endorsing this time-tested healing modality for hospital therapeutic applications and everyday practice. 

 Qigong is known as “walking meditation.” Its multiple components benefit the practitioner on all levels from physical, mental, and emotional to spiritual. It’s as if the benefits are tailor-made for each practitioner based on their prior imbalances. 

 With the slow, measured, mind-guided, graceful movements, the practitioner stays focused on the movements of the body, coordinating breathing with every move, in the process training their mind to disentangle from daily worries while gradually expanding range of motion, gaining flexibility, easing aches and pains, reducing stress, strengthening bones and muscle mass, and increasing immunity. 

 Emotional stability and well-balanced groundedness are the natural by-products, garnered through daily practice. A youthful, vibrant body will find you in time, as well as a deeply rooted sense of peace and belongingness.  

 When you relax into the easy rhythm of your breath with the graceful, slow movements, you are fine-tuning your body while your consciousness reaches beyond your body and unites with the universe, aligning with the infinite orchestrating power of the mysteries of life. Who knows? Before long you might find yourself a candidate for the promotion you have been wanting for years.

Local Group Class

Location: 22930 Miller Road, Steger, Illinois

Time: Every Monday and Thursday, 4:30pm – 5:00pm

Investment: $155/month or $20 per session

Yearly membership: A $1,500 one-time up-front payment provides access to all classes for one year ($420 off the $1,920 hourly rate)


Individual Skype sessions:

$300 per month
$1,697 for six months 
$3,397 for twelve months


-Four 40-minutes sessions per month
-A free eBook (Young Mind Young Body or a qigong book)
-A free health consultation strategy session with me
-Six-month and twelve-month participants gain FREE access to my future home study course, “Young Mind Young Body Blueprint.”

Contact info:

Tel: (630) 248-1400  

Email: sueziang@yahoo.com     

Web: www.sueziang.com

Please call, text, email, or send messages through the site to confirm or ask questions.